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       The scans of  “Coil Line” are from the originals mailed to members and no attempt to ‘clean them up’ has been made.   A few issues were processed and the attempt resulted in a file size almost three times larger than what is presented here. 

       The files are in Adobe Acrobat 'pdf' format and require a free Adobe Reader to read them.   Go to Adobe if you need the reader.   Click here for Acrobat help.  Most of the issues will require some time to load on a slow connection, and I’ve noted the file size.

       Many of the pages have been rotated to make it easier to read or see the illustrations.  If you wish to rotate the pages yourself, that option is available in Acrobat reader on the top menu bar.

Coil Line Indexes

       There are two files for the Index, the first, originally compiled by Steven McCollum, which covered issues from 1989 through 2010 in PDF format.  There was no index for 1988. An index for 1988 has been created and the Indexes for the years 1989 through 2006 have been reworked and expanded and all indexes are now searchable.

       The second Index has been compiled by Dennis Ladd and is in Microsoft Word format (.doc).  It covers everything up to and including Volume 13 (year 2000). We are looking for comments, suggestions on format, and proofreading for errors.

       The PNC3 board has decided that we will leave a 3 year gap from the present to the last issue that is online.

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Coil Line Issues Now Online

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Complete Index from 1988 - 2006