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10¢ American Clock
(Sennett Security Products)
Water-Activated Coil 10,000
Scott # 3762 Plate # S1111
Series USPS - N/A / PNC#3 - American Design
Issue Date & City August 4, 2006, Independence, OH (Americover Stamp Show)
Nationwide Sale August 5, 2006
Designer Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Art Director Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Typographer Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Modeler Donald Woo
Engraver Southern Graphics System
Artist Lou Nolan, McLean, VA
To Press / Initial Quantity Spring 2006 / 210 Million
Coil Size 10,000
Printer Sennett Security Products (SSP)
Press Rotomec, 3000
Process Gravure
Where Printed American Packaging Corporation, Columbus, WI
Where Processed Unique Binders, Fredericksburg, VA
Plate Size & Interval 616 stamps per revolution / plate # every 14 stamps
Paper & Gum USPS Type III,  Water-Activated
Tagging Type Tagged, printed with luminescent yellow ink for the Eagle and the denomination.
Perforation Gauge 9.8 Vertically
Colors PMS 5743 (Dark Green), PMS 5763 (Light Green), PMS 134 (Yellow), Black
Image Size (h x w) 0.72 x 0.810 in. / 18.28 x 20.57 mm
Overall Size (h x w) 0.87 x 0.960 in. / 22.09 x 24.38 mm
Back Numbers 5 digit Pink top/bottom/middle back numbers every 10 stamps.  All positions possible.
Earliest Known Use August 4, 2006
USPS Order Numbers 784320 Strip of 5 - $0.50
784330 Strip of 25 - $2.50
784340 Full Coil of 10000 - $1000.00
784362 First Day Cover - $0.78
Availability Providence, RI
Official Announcement The Postal Service™ will issue a 10-cent American Clock definitive stamp (Item 784300) in a water-activated gum (WAG) coil of 10,000, on August 4, 2006, in Independence, Ohio (Americover Stamp Show). The stamp, designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, and illustrated by Lou Nolan of McLean, Virginia, goes on sale nationwide August 5, 2006.

The American Clock stamp, which is being reissued in a WAG coil of 10,000, was first issued January 24, 2003, in a pressure-sensitive pane of 20, printed by Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.

Notes 3763 and 3763a are dated 2008, and have Microprinted “USPS” as the middle "I" in "VIII". They both have a series of beige dots on the clock face.

3762 is dated "2006", lack Microprinting, and has a network of gray dots on the clock face.

Philatelic Products
There are no philatelic products available for this stamp issue.
Distribution: Item 784300, 10-cent American Clock, WAG coil of 10,000 Stamps
Stamp distribution offices (SDOs) will not receive an automatic distribution of Item 784300. Automatic distributions will be provided only to Accountable Paper Depositories (APDs) and Stamp Service Center (SSC).
SDOs requiring quantities of Item 784300 must order them from the appropriate APD using a separate PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp Return.
Initial Supply to Post Offices
Post Offices requiring quantities of Item 784300 must order them from their designated SDO using a separate PS Form 17. SDOs must not distribute these coils to Post Offices before August 1, 2006.
Additional Supply
Post Offices requiring additional Item 784300 must requisition them from their designated SDO using PS Form 17. SDOs requiring additional coils must order them from the appropriate APD using PS Form 17.
For fulfilling supplemental orders from SDOs, the San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, and New York APDs will each receive 720 additional coils; and the Denver APD will receive 220 additional coils. For fulfilling supplemental orders from APDs, the Kansas City SSC will receive 15,840 additional coils.