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(10¢) Presorted Standard Atlas
(Avery Dennison)
Self-Adhesive Coil of 3,000
Scott # 3770(?) Plate # V12222
Series N/A (USPS) / American Culture (PNC3)
Issue Date & City  
Nationwide Sale &n
Photographer Horst Hama
Designer Kevin Newman, Santa Monica VA
Art Director Carl Herrman, Carlsbad, VA
Typographer Carl Herrman, Carlsbad, VA
Modeler Avery Dennison, SPC
Engraver Keating Gravure
To Press / Initial Run  
Coil Size 3000
Printer Avery Dennison, Clinton, S. C.
Press Dia Nippon Kiko (DNK)
Process Gravure
Where Printed Avery Dennison, Clinton, S.C.
Where Processed Avery Dennison, Clinton, S.C.
Plate Size & Interval  
Paper & Gum Nonphosphored, USPS Type III, Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Untagged
Die Cut Gauge 11.0 Vertically, Valley/Peak 12 x 12
Image Size (w x h)  
Overall Size (w x h)  
Back Numbers Blue 5 digits every 10 stamps, in the middle, 2 stamps to the left of the plate number (position 1)
Earliest Known Use  
USPS Order Numbers First Day Cover -
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City
Note This is a new printing of this stamp by Avery Dennison with a 2003 date in coils of 3000.  The original printing was by Banknote Corporation and had a 2001 date.  Donna Rajotte in Providence notes that the stamps appear to be the same as the previous Avery printing in coils of 10,000.
Philatelic Products
There are no philatelic products for this stamp issue.
Distribution: Item 791100, Atlas, Presorted Standard Rate, PSA Coil of 3,000
Stamp distribution offices (SDOs) will not receive an automatic distribution of Item 791100. SDOs requiring Item 791100 must order them from their designated accountable paper depository (APD) using PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp Return.
Initial Supply to Post Offices
Post Offices requiring quantities of Item 791100 must order them from their designated SDO using a separate PS Form 17. SDOs must not distribute these stamps to Post Offices before September 7, 2004.
Philatelic Requirement
Philatelic centers requiring the Atlas PSA coil of 3,000 must order Item 791100 from their designated SDO using a separate PS Form 17.
Additional Supply
Post Offices requiring additional coils must requisition them from their designated SDO using PS Form 17. SDOs requiring additional coils must order them from the appropriate APD using PS Form 17. For fulfilling orders from SDOs, the San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, and New York APDs will each receive 2,400 coils; the Denver APD will receive 700 coils. For fulfilling supplemental orders from APDs, the Kansas City Stamp Services Center will receive 21,600 coils.