Liner Printing Type A
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Liner printing Type B

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29¢ Love Sunrise
(Banknote Corporation of America)
Self-Adhesive Coil of 5,004
Scott# 2813b Plate # B1
Issue Date & City January 27, 1994, Loveland, OH
Nationwide Sale January 28, 1994
Designer Peter Goode, Chester, CT
Art Director Derry Noyes
Typographer Peter Goode, Chester, CT
Modelers Macello Castelli and Anthony Amato (BCA)
Engraver Richard Baratz (BCA)
To Press / Quantity ? / 2,001,600
Coil Size 5,004
Printer Banknote Corporation of America, Suffern, NY
Presses Goebel and Epiko
Process Gravure and Intaglio
Where Printed Banknote Corporation of America, Suffern, NY
Where Processed Banknote Corporation of America, Suffern, NY
Plate Size & Interval 180 (10 x 18) stamps per revolution / plate # every 18 stamps
Paper & Gum Prephosphored, Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Prephosphored, Solid Tagging
Die Cut Gauge Die Cut in Rectangle
Colors Blue, Yellow, Red (offset), Green (intaglio)
Overall Size (w x h) 0.87 x 0.982 in. / 22.1 x 24.9 mm
Earliest Known Use January 24, 1994
Note: Sold in full coils of 5004 or strips of 18
Note: Liner Marking - "-SELF-ADHESIVE (A) DO NOT WET-" in a repeat pattern on the diagonal, top left to bottom right, right side up (Type A) and upside down (Type B). The latter was discovered by Mike Courtney and reported by Alan Thomson in the July 2003 Coil Line.  Brian Engler, Sr. supplied the above picture in February, 2004.