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37¢ Official
Water-Activated Coil of 100
Scott# O159 Plate # S111
Series Official
Issue Date & City August 2, 2002, Washington, DC 20066
Nationwide Sale August 2, 2002
Designer Bradbury Thompson (CSAC)
Art Director Joe Brockert, USPS, Washington, DC.
Typographer Bradbury Thompson
Modeler Donald H. Woo
Engraver Southern Graphic
To Press / Quantity Spring 2002 / 25 million stamps
Coil Size 100
Printer Sennett Security Products (SSP)
Presses Rotomec, 3000
Process Gravure
Where Printed American Packaging Corporation, Columbus, WI
Where Processed Unique Binders, Fredericksburg, VA
Plate Size & Interval 616 stamps per revolution / plate # every 14 stamps
Paper & Gum USPS Type I, Water-Activated
Tagging Prephosphored
Perf Gauge 9.8 Vertically
Colors Red (PMS 185), Blue (PMS 286), Black
Overall Size (w x h) 0.87 x 0.962 in./22.10 x 24.43 mm
Image Size (w x h) 0.72 x 0.810 in./18.28 x 20.57 mm
Earliest Known Use August 2, 2002
USPS Order Numbers
Full Coil of 100 - $37.00 - 780840
Strip of 25 with plate number - $9.25 - 780830
Strip of 5 - $1.85 - 780820
First Day Cover -$0.75 - 780861
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City, KS
Official Announcement: The Postal Service will issue a 37-cent Official Mail definitive stamp in a water-activated gum (WAG) coil of 100 (Item 780800) and a #10 stamped envelope (Item 218300) in Washington, DC, on August 2, 2002. The stamp, designed by Bradbury Thompson, goes on sale nationwide August 2, 2002.
Distribution: Item 780800, 37-Cent Official (Penalty) Mail Definitive Stamp, WAG Coil of 100
Only stamp distribution offices (SDOs) designated to accept penalty mail requisitions from authorized government agencies will receive an automatic distribution of Item 780800. Only those designated SDOs may distribute the new official mail stamp to authorized government agencies that submit PS Form 17-G, Penalty Mail Stamp Requisition. SDOs must not distribute these stamps to government agencies before August 2, 2002.
Initial Supply to Post Offices
This Official Mail coil of 100 will not be made available at regular retail windows for customer sale. Authorized government agencies must submit PS Form 17-G to their designated penalty mail SDO for fulfillment.
Philatelic Requirement
This Official Mail coil of 100 will not be made available to philatelic centers for customer sale. Only SFS will offer this stamp for sale to collectors via mail order from USA Philatelic catalog.
Additional Supply
Designated penalty mail SDOs requiring additional stamps must order them from the appropriate accountable paper depository (APD) using PS Form 17. For fulfilling supplemental orders from designated penalty mail SDOs, all APDs will receive additional quantities of item 780800.