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29¢ Flag Over Mount Rushmore (ABNC)
Water-Activated Coils of 10,000
Scott# 2523A Plate # A11111, A22211
Series American Flag
Issue Date & City July 4, 1991, Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota
Nationwide Sale March 30, 1991
Designer Clarence Holbert (BEP)
Art Director Leonard Buckley (BEP)
Typographer Clarence Holbert (BEP)
Modeler Clarence Holbert (BEP)
To Press / Quantity Late 1990 / Initial Order 150,000,000,000
Coil Size 10,000
Printer George Schmitt and Company, Division of Guilford Gravure for American Bank Note Company
Presses Andreotti
Process Gravure
Where Printed Guilford Gravure
Where Processed Guilford Gravure
Plate Size & Interval 456 (19 x 24) stamps per revolution / plate # every 24 stamps
Paper and Gum Embedded Phosphor, Water-Activated
Tagging Prephosphored Paper with Mottled Tagging
Perf Gauge 10.2 Vertically
Colors Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Blue
Overall Size (w x h) apx 0.87 x 0.96 in. / 22.1 x 24.4 mm
Earliest Known Use July 4, 1991
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