Squared Shoulder


Rounded Shoulder

Note that on the examples pictured above, the CORNERS (lower left) on both are rounded, but the SHOULDERS (center of scan) below the serpentine line are cut differently, either Squared or Rounded.

Squared Shoulder on Left stamp, Rounded Shoulder on right stamp.

Square and Round Shoulder die cuts exist on a number of stamp issues, including:

5¢ Mountain - Scott 2904B

5¢ Wetlands - Scott 3207A

10¢ Eagle & Shield - Scott 3271

10¢ Bicycle - Scott 3228 and 3228A

25¢ Juke Box - Scott 2912B

25¢ Diner - Scott 3208A

32¢ Flag Over Porch - Scott 2915D

33¢ H (Hat) - Scott 3266

33¢ City Flag - Scott 3282

34¢ Statue of Liberty - Scott 3466

34¢ United We Stand - Scott 3550A

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