First, Teresa Wajek (who used to do business as PNCs Unlimited)
announced that she had adequate stocks of the reverse-die (10c Atlas)
and was selling them at $10 a strip.

Then Renate Fearonce of the Tucson philatelic announced that she had
one complete roll of 10,000 and had access to another.

Accordingly, under my policy of guaranteeing that my customers would
not be charged high prices on a new "rarity" and then sit by as other
dealers charged much, much less, I am voluntarily giving each
customer who bought one of these from me for $25 a credit of $20. For
my new-issues subscribers, I will merely put the $20 credit on their
account. For others, I will remit the $20.

What good is a pledge if you do not honor it through thick or thin,
much as it hurts?