Reprinted from the Postal Bulletin, October 3, 2002

"A new 100-stamp coil is being market tested in POS Post Offices this fall.
The Holiday Snowmen stamps, Item 781200, will be issued as a special
linerless, pressure-sensitive adhesive stamp coil. Employee and customer
focus group testing revealed that potential customers like this new coil
format because it can be placed into a 1-inch tape dispenser and used
like tape. They’re called Tape Stamps. They’re cost effective,
environmentally friendly, and easy to use. There’s no stamp backer lining
to throw away.

The first day of issue for this new stamp coil is October 28, 2002, with
nationwide sales beginning on October 29, 2002. The results of this
market test will determine if the Postal Service will pursue further
development and production of this new coil format. Educating consumers
about this new coil and how to use it properly is a critical element in
accurately gauging the success of this new product.

Only POS Post Offices will receive the test coils to track sales data. Three
million coils of 100 stamps (300 million stamps) will be produced for this
test; therefore, stamp distribution offices (SDOs) will not be receiving an
additional quantity for reorders for traditional stores. Postal Stores will
receive the Tape Stamps in two packaging formats; both formats will be
packaged in “clamshell” packs for slat walls. One format includes a single
coil of 100 stamps, Item 781201, selling for $37; the other format is a
single coil of 100 stamps with a reusable stamp dispenser, Item 781202,
selling for $38. Both packages will contain a customer opinion survey card
to obtain customer feedback on this new product. Instructions on how to
use this new coil will also be printed on the backer card. All packaging will
carry security tags so additional security tagging is not needed.

Because the packaged coils for Postal Stores are bulky and could cause
storage problems for stores and SDOs, Postal Stores will get two direct
shipments of coils — one shipment before the first day of issue and the
other shipment just after first day of issue. Both shipments will equal
one-half of the expected sales needs. SDOs will need to order additional
packaged coil stock based on their available storage space and the
available storage space in their Postal Stores. The Tape Stamps will be
sent through the SDOs for proper accountability transferring. However,
they will be boxed and identified for specific Post Office locations. The
distribution quantities going to offices are based on an individual Post
Office’s prior sales history of coil stamps.

POS offices other than Postal Stores (traditional Post Offices) will receive
their coils in “sticks” of five, which can be broken off into single coil units.
This format takes up less drawer space. Traditional offices also will receive
a shipment of Tape Stamp dispensers. These dispensers are made
especially for Tape Stamp coils and will sell for $1. The dispensers will be
packaged for slat wall display.

Sales associates are encouraged to explain to customers how to use the
new Tape Stamps and stamp dispenser. As an option, sales associates
should explain that the coil can be used on standard 1-inch tape
dispensers. It’s important to note that Tape Stamps will not dispense
properly using standard stamp coil dispensers — the dispenser will gum
up, making it difficult to dispense the stamps. Tape Stamp coils can also
be used without a dispenser. The customer should simply replace the
starter tab on the first stamp after using the desired amount of stamps.
This tab makes the coil easier to use and prevents the stamps from
sticking to the roll. Storage: Avoid exposing Tape Stamp coils to hot
temperatures. If exposed to hot temperatures, cool to room temperature
before using."