Shown below are technical details for the coil of 3,000 (1 design) Sea Coast nondenominated definitive nonprofit (5-cent value) stamp.


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Issue:                                      Sea Coast

Item Number:                           782700

Denomination & Type of Issue: Nondenominated definitive nonprofit (5-cent value)

Format:                                   Coil of 3,000 (1 design)

Series:                                    N/A

Issue Date & City:                    April 6, 2004, Washington, DC  20066

Designer:                                 Tom Engeman, Brunswick, MD

Cylinders:                                Southern Graphics

Art Director:                             Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA

Typographer:                            Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA

Modeler:                                  Joseph Sheeran

Manufacturing Process:            Gravure

Printer:                                    JW Fergusson & Sons

Printed at:                                Richmond VA

Press Type:                             Goebel

Stamps per Coil:                      3,000

Print Quantity:                          105,000,000 million stamps (35,000 Coils)

Paper Type:                             Nonphosphored, type III

Adhesive Type:                         Pressure sensitive

Processed at:                          Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.(APU)

Colors:                                    Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Stamp Orientation:                   Vertical

Image Area (w x h):                  0.73 x 0.84 in./18.542 x 21.336 mm

Overall Size (w x h):                  0.87 x 0.980 in./22.098 x 24.892 mm

Full Pane Size (w x h):              N/A

Plate Size:                               567 stamps per revolution

Plate Numbers:                        “P” followed by 2222 every 27 stamps

Marginal Markings                    N/A

Catalog Item Number(s):           782740 Full Coil of 3000 — $150.00

                                              782730 Strip of 25 — $1.25

                                              782762 First Day Cover — $0.80