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Dealers without web sites

Victor Collinino – We have an exciting inventory of Plate Number Coils with many better items as well as earlier coils with large/small hole varieties, scarce pre-cancel issues and gum varieties.  If you are a booklet collector don’t forget to check out our large stock of Booklets and Booklet panes including many hard to find plate numbers, margin markings and cover varieties.  All of these are included in our new 27 page catalog; the most comprehensive catalog we have issued in over 25 years in business.
To receive our catalog please send a large 83c SASE.
We have a separate listing of Used PNC singles and PNC’s on commercial cover. These are not included in the catalog above. If you wish this listing please send a 60c SASE and specify Used PNC listing.
Phone 603-772-3510, or E-Mail Vic Collinino

Gordon J. Collins, PNC3 #1509L - Send Email to: Gordon Collins - Bi-monthly Mail Bid Sales of U.S. and Administrations (15th year). Offering PNCs, Plate Blocks, MDI Makeshift Booklets, and much, much more! Free catalog by USPS in the U.S. ($1.00 foreign address). Gordon's Mail Bid Sales, 66 Bloom Lane, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-2104, Phone/Fax: 650-726-4615 (24/7)

Bob Murrin announces the expansion of his used pnc list to include purple machine cancels and untagged errors. His Pl-103 contains used singles, as well as multiples, listings of all W/A and S/A issues, and quantities of used such as 100, 500 and 1000.  This list is available online or through the mails. 80 cents postage helpful, overseas, 2 IRC's, used or unused, any period. Pricelists also available for EFO's (Pl-105) and unused strips (Pl-108).   Bob Murrin, P.O.Box 10100, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-0100. Phone:  727-345-8639, email:

PNCs Unlimited - Teresa Wajek, PNC3 # 629. I am a small family business, specializing in PNCs since 1990. That is over eighteen years of successful experience dealing with wonderful people. I sell used, and mint from singles through strips of 7, varieties and gaps. Email to:


Dealers with web sites

Engler Stamps (Brian Engler, Sr.) offers PNCs, including elusive back number on plate number issues, precancel gaps, mint (strips of 5, with some longer strips on demand), used, PNCs on cover, and EFOs. Price list available for large SASE. PO Box 21952, Lehigh Valley, PA  18002-1952.

John Himes (#957) is a PNC3 member who has a wide selection of mint PS5 strips, as well as used singles, pairs, PS3s, and PS5s. He will be glad to discuss trades, takes mint postage in payment, and also grants 10% discounts on all orders of $50.00 or more.

Michael B Lipson Specializes in US Plate Number Coils, Booklets, Convertible Booklets and Unfolded Panes. PNCs include Mint strips PNC 5 and PNC 7; Mint strips with Precancel Gaps; Used PNC 1, PNC 3, PNC 5; and PNCs on commercial covers. 19365 Cypress Ridge Ter., Apt 612, Lansdowne VA 20176-516. Email:  Web site:

RJI Philatelics Offers Albums and a Book featuring the 32 Flag Over Porch stamps. Contact Todd R. Uebele Sr. at P. O. Box 489, Matthews, N.C. 28106. Phone 704-291-9774 or toll free 866-754-7826. Fax to 704-321-5137. For orders, email For information, email Visit our web site at or our Flag Over Porch stamps list at

Rob Washburn - I sell PNC commercial covers exclusively on a part-time basis (I'm a collector first and dealer of my extras second). I have over 80,000 available covers from the common to the most elusive. I fill want lists. I still have The Purple Machine Cancel Guide available. I can be contacted @ P.O. Box 840, Skowhegan, ME 04976. Phone 207 474-8021. Email: My website is Thanks, Rob Washburn

Stamps 'n' Stuff    We established Stamps 'n' Stuff in Michigan in 1977 in the back room of a growing antique store. Our main focus after moving to Iowa in 1982 was stamps for collectors. We continued to do national and international shows while providing Iowans with a full service stamp shop that offered competitively priced high quality U.S. and world wide material, as well as supplies, advice, and a place to meet other collectors. We rapidly outgrew our former locations and began looking for a building where we would have the space to have everything organized, including the small antiques line.  Jerry Koepp's email address is  Order phone is 1-800-999-5964, fax is 515-331-4957.  We deal in PNCs, US and foreign stamps, coins, and other stuff.

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