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Stamp from Plate P2222 on bottom, Stamp from Plate P3333 on top.
Scan courtesy of Zeb Vance.

(5¢) Sea Coast Nondenominated Definitive
(Ashton Potter)
Self-Adhesive Coil of 10,000
Scott # 3874 Plate P2222 (Large Date, 2.1 mm Wide, Bolder & Taller) (Shallow Valley Die Cut)
Plate P2222 (Large Date) (Deep Valley Die Cut)
Scott # 3874a Plate P3333, P4444, P5555, P6666, P7777 (Small Date - 1.7+ mm) (Deep Valley Die Cuts), P8888, P9999
Series ? (USPS) - American Scenes (PNC3)
Issue Date & City 10,000 - ?, 2004 - No Official First Day Ceremony
Nationwide Sale September, 2004
Issue Nondenominated definitive nonprofit (5-cent value)
Cylinders ?
Designer Tom Engeman, Brunswick, MD
Art Director Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA
Typographer Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA
Modeler Joseph Sheeran & Sons, Williamsville, N.Y.
To Press / Initial Impressions ?
Coil Size 10,000
Printer J. W. Ferguson & Sons, Richmond, VA for Ashton Potter USA Ltd. (AP), Williamsville, NY
Press Probably Champlain, 29
Process Photogravure
Where Printed J. W. Ferguson & Sons, Richmond, VA
Where Processed Ashton Potter USA Ltd. (AP), Williamsville, NY
Plate Size & Interval 567 stamps per revolution / plate # every 27 stamps
Paper & Gum Nonphosphored, USPS Type III / Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Untagged
Die Cut Gauge 10 (Serpentine die cut on 2 sides)
Colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Image Area (w x h) 0.73 x 0.84 in. / 18.542 x 21.336 mm
Overall Size (w x h) 0.87 x 0.980 in. / 22.098 x 24.892 mm
Back Numbers 2, 3 or 4 digit blue and black numbers every 10 stamps, top and bottom.  All positions are possible in either color.
Earliest Known Use Summer 2004
USPS Order Numbers 781432 Full Coil of 10,000 (P2222) - $500.00
781434 Coil Strip of 25 from 10,000 w/plate number P2222 - $1.25
First Day Cover - No First Day Service
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City, MO
Providence, RI Philatelic
Official Announcement None
Differences For a side-by-side comparison of the Sea Coast coil stamps, click here.
Varieties A variety named the 'Black Ghost' has been found on stamps with plate P2222. Click here for a story and scans.
Varieties Stamps from plate P2222 have been found with a large date, 2.1 mm wide, (Bolder & Taller) containing Shallow Valley Die Cuts and Deep Valley Die Cuts. Click here for a summary of P2222 die cut varieties.
According to Larry Haynes:
The P3333 to P7777s (Scott 3874a) have die cut depths between .75 mm and .90 mm, and a small date.
The "normal" P2222 (Scott 3874) has a die cut depth of about .50 mm.
The deep valley P2222 has a die cut depth about .75mm.
Note Date is 2003. Serpentine die cut on two sides. Click here for more scans. Plate P3333 was found in February, 2005. P4444 was reported the end of May 2005. Plate P5555 was reported in early September and plate P7777 was reported in mid October, 2005. Plate P6666 was found on a used single in early December, 2005.  Plate P8888 was reported in September, 2007.  P9999 was reported in December, 2007.
Distribution: Item Number: 781400, PSA Coil of 10,000 - No details were furnished.