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(5¢) Sea Coast
(Sennett Security Products)
Self-Adhesive Coil of 10,000
Scott# 3875 Plate S1111
Series N/A (USPS) - American Scenes (PNC3)
Issue Date & City Summer, 2004
Nationwide Sale Summer, 2004
Engraver Acitronics
Designer Tom Engeman, Brunswick, MD
Art Director Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA
Typographer Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA
Modeler Donald H. Woo
To Press / Initial Impressions Spring, 2004 / 400 Million
Coil Size 10,000
Printer Sennett Security Products (SSP)
Press Rotomec, 3000
Process Gravure
Where Printed American Packaging Corporation, Columbus, WI
Where Processed Unique Binders, Fredericksburg, VA
Plate Size & Interval 400 stamps per revolution / plate # every 20 stamps
Paper & Gum USPS Type III, Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Untagged
Die Cut Gauge 11.6 Vertically
Colors Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Black
Image Area 0.72 x 0.832 in. / 18.28 x 21.13 mm
Overall Size 0.870 x 0.982 in. / 22.09 x 24.74 mm
Back Numbers 5 digit pink, top and bottom every 10 stamps. 
Earliest Known Use September, 2004
USPS Order Numbers 781433 Strip of 25 - $1.25
781443 Full Coil of 10,000 - $500.00
First Day Cover - Not Available
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City
Official Announcement

This issue was first reported in the September 2nd, 2004 issue of the Postal Bulletin as a "Previously Issued Reprint".

Note The date in the lower left hand corner is 2004
Differences For a side-by-side comparison of the Sea Coast stamps, click here.
Varieties None

Distribution: Item 781400, Sea Coast, Nonprofit Rate, PSA Coil of 10,000

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