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(37¢) Non-Denominated U. S. Flag (BEP)
Self-Adhesive Coil of 100
Scott# 3622 Plate 1111, 2222
Scott# 3622a Plate 1111 (Die cutting omitted)
Series Rate Change Flag Definitive
Issue Date & City June 7, 2002, Washington, DC 20066
Nationwide Sale June 7, 2002
Designer Terry McCaffrey, USPS
Art Director Terry McCaffrey, USPS
Typographer Terry McCaffrey, USPS
Modeler Bureau Of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
To Press / Initial Impressions Spring, 2002 / 2.5 Billion
Coil Size 100
Printer Bureau Of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
Press Andreotti, Model 601
Process Gravure
Where Printed BEP, Washington, DC
Where Processed BEP, Washington, DC
Plate Size & Interval 480 stamps per revolution / plate # every 24 stamps
Paper & Gum Prephosphored USPS Type II, Surface Coated, Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Prephosphored, Smooth Tagging
Die-Cut Gauge 9.8 Vertically, Peak/Valley 10 x 10
Colors Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black
Image Area 0.71 x 0.82 in. / 18.03 x 20.82 mm
Overall Size 0.84 x 0.99 in. / 21.33 x 25.1 mm
Back Numbers None
Earliest Known Use June 7, 2002
USPS Order Numbers Coil of 100 - $37.00 - 781140
Strip of 25 with plate number - $9.25 - 781130
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City
Plate 1111 (June 7, 2002) - Most Post Offices Nationwide
Plate 2222 (June 11, 2002) - Tucson, AZ, (June 19, 2002) - Providence, RI
Official Announcement

The Postal Service will issue a U.S. Flag nondenominated definitive stamp (37-cent value) on June 7, 2002, in Washington, DC. The stamp, designed and illustrated by Terrence W. McCaffrey, U.S. Postal Service, Washington, DC, goes on sale nationwide June 7, 2002. No official ceremony is planned.

The stamp will be issued in a water-activated (WAG) pane of 100 (Item 103800); pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) automated teller machine (ATM) sheetlet of 18 (Item 563100); PSA pane of 20 (Item 563200); PSA convertible book of 20 (Item 671100); PSA vending book of 20 (Items 671200 and 671211); PSA double-sided book of 20 (Item 671600); and a PSA coil of 100 (Item 781100).

The stars and stripes of "Old Glory" are featured on this definitive stamp.

Varieties Die Cutting Omitted on plate 1111

Distribution: Item 781100, Nondenominated Flag, Definitive Stamp, PSA Coil of 100

SDOs will receive two waves of automatic distributions for this definitive stamp in PSA coils of 100. Wave 1 began shipment April 29, 2002, and will complete shipment May 18, 2002. Wave 2 will begin shipment May 20, 2002, and will complete shipment June 21, 2002. Master carton size is 800 coils.

Initial Supply for Post Offices

SDOs will not make a subsequent automatic distribution to Post Offices. All Post Offices requiring quantities of Item 7781100 must order them from their designated SDO using a separate PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition. SDOs must not distribute coils to Post Offices before May 28, 2002.

Philatelic Requirement

SDOs will not receive a separate quantity of this definitive stamp for their authorized philatelic centers. Philatelic centers must be supplied their quantities from the initial automatic distribution made to SDOs.

Additional Supply

Post Offices requiring additional stamps must requisition them from their designated SDO using PS Form 17. SDOs requiring additional stamps must order them from the appropriate APD using PS Form 17.

For fulfilling supplemental orders from SDOs, the San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, and New York APDs will each receive 480,000 additional coils, and the Denver APD will receive 240,000 additional coils. APD distributions will ship following completion of the Wave 2 automatic distribution to SDOs.

Additional quantities will not be available at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) for supplemental ordering by SDOs or APDs.

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