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37¢ Snowmen (4 designs)
Self-Adhesive Linerless Coil of 100
Scott# 3683a - Strip of 4 Plate #  G1111, G1112
Scott#  - 3680 Rosy-cheeked snowman in the blue and white checked scarf
Scott#  - 3681 Combed-wool snowman with the cork pipe
Scott#  - 3682 Snowman wearing a top hat - Plate #  appears only on this stamp
Scott#  - 3683 Cut-pine snowman in the red plaid scarf
Series Holiday
Issue Date & City October 28, 2002, Houghton, MI 49931
Nationwide Sale October 29, 2002
Designer Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Art Director Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Typographer Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Engraver Acitronics
Modeler Guilford Gravure Inc., Guilford, CT
Photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce, New Milford, CT
To Press / Initial Impressions Summer, 2002 /  300 million stamps
Coil Size 100
Printer Guilford Gravure, Inc. (GFD)
Press Cerrutti, R118
Process Gravure
Where Printed Guilford, CT
Where Processed Guilford Gravure, Guilford, CT
Plate Size & Interval 384 stamps per revolution / plate # every 12 stamps
Paper & Gum Prephosphored, USPS Type II, Self-Adhesive
Tagging Type Prephosphored, Solid Tagging
Die-Cut Gauge 8.5  Vertically,
Colors Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black
Image Area 0.71 x 0.82 in. / 18.03 x 20.82 mm
Overall Size 0.87 x 0.982 in ./  22.09 x 24.94 mm
Back Numbers None
Earliest Known Use ?
USPS Order Numbers Coil of 100 - $37.00 - 781240 / Backing strips will be provided with orders from Kansas City.
First Day Cover (set of 4) - $3.00 - 781263
Availability Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City
Official Announcement The Postal Service will issue four 37-cent Snowmen stamps on October 28, 2002, in Houghton, Michigan. The stamps, designed by Derry Noyes, Washington, DC, and photographed by Sally Andersen-Bruce, New Milford, Connecticut, go on sale nationwide on October 29, 2002.

The stamps will be issued in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 (Item 562500), a double-sided booklet of 20 (Item 670100), a folded vending booklet of 20 (Items 670300 and 670311), and a linerless coil of 100 (Item 781200).

The Snowmen stamps, issued as part of the Holiday series, feature photographs of four whimsical snowmen figurines. Popular in folklore, literature, and song, snowmen have come to symbolize the joy and magic of the holiday season and often evoke fond childhood memories of playing in the snow.

Note The USA Philatelic catalog states about the 'Linerless Tape Coil Stamp of 100': "Linerless coil test can be used in any tape dispenser".  Click here to see a scan of the tape dispenser.

A Postal Service press release indicates that the stamps will have limited distribution.  They will be available in bubble packs and  in “sticks” of five. Click here to read the whole story.

A 'Tape' stamp survey card is being included with some point of purchase displays.   Click here to see a copy of the card.  The one I saw was on a peg-board in a bubble pack.

Note The snowmen were created from a variety of materials ranging in size from four to nine inches high and from two to six inches wide. Tommy Simpson of Washington, Conn., made the Styrofoam snowman wearing a top hat and the combed-wool snowman with the cork pipe. Judy Gunn-Irish of Arlington, Wash. made the hand-painted, cut-pine snowman in the red plaid scarf. Delton Products Corp., in Norcross, Ga., made the rosy-cheeked snowman in the blue and white checked scarf.
Note Scott lists a strip of 4, a plate strip of 5 and 9, all as 3683a.
Varieties None

Distribution: Item 781200 Snowmen Linerless Coil of 100 (PSA)

Distribution information was not provided.

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