If you're wondering whether you can benefit from membership in the Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3), consider these features which have attracted over 2000 PNC enthusiasts so far:


Each month you will receive the club journal, COIL LINE, containing news and updates on topics of interest to PNC3 members. Regular features include an active "letters" column, reports on the latest coils available, catalog updates, research articles, articles about varieties and PNCs on cover, as well as a classified section.

Coil Line is available in a black and white hard copy with a color front and back page or an electronic all color copy.

All back issues of Coil Line are available on the web site for members. Non-members can not see issues from the past three years.

Advertisements by PNC specialist dealers frequently offer special discounts to PNC3members.

Each year members get two free ads in Coil Line's classified section.


An application for membership is available online or we can send you a paper form.  Click here to email the Secretary and ask that a paper form be sent to you.


Click here to go to the PNC3 Officers page.


Click here to review our Bylaws.


At the beginning of 2003, PNC3 began publishing its own catalog of Plate Number Coils. The project is designed to be complete in stages.  The loose-leaf format catalog will consist of a number of sections determined by design type or usage (eg: service inscribed). 

Early efforts focused on providing information on the latest releases of PNCs along with annual updates of PNC values.  In addition to using commonly accepted Scott catalog numbers (under license from Scott Publishing Company), the catalog also assigns unique PNC ID numbers to each discernibly different PNC.  This effort is needed because no other catalog publisher distinguishes between many of the collectable varieties of PNCs.  Catalog sections and updates are usually released at least twice annually, and an order form is included in Coil LIne when they are available.

Published each year are Scott/PNC ID Cross References, a Name Index and a PNC Values List.  In addition, pages are published for the new issues of the previous year.

We have published several permanent sections of the catalog, including the 32¢ Flag Over Porch, the 37¢ Flag Waving, the (39¢) and 39¢ Lady Liberty and Flag, and the (41¢ ) and 41¢  Flag on Pole,  plus an Illustrated Glossary and the New Issues pages each year since 2002.

We also have an Avery Dennison Die Cut Varieties section that is updated as needed.

We are in the process of publishing 'out-of-print' chapters of the Catalog. The first, due out in January, 2015, will be the "Star Flag" Chapter.




Club mail auctions of PNC material are held periodically, normally twice a year. This is an excellent opportunity for members to dispose of duplicates.

Auction buyers often acquire items at below retail prices.

The active bidding in auctions held to date shows that desirable stamps are available at attractive prices.

We now provide the ability to bid on-line on the current auction. Auction results are posted shortly after the auction closes.


New PNC collectors can rely on experienced members to provide guidance in beginning and expanding their PNC collections.


The club continues to supplement your expenses when you exhibit PNC material.  We will pay for half of the postage and half of the exhibit fee.


The award winning PNC3 website has the latest breaking new about developments in the realm of Plate Number Coils, locations of the newest PNC finds, comprehensive data pages of all PNCs by denomination or design listed by Scott catalog number, back numbers, coil labels, test coils, an extensive glossary, auction listings with results and several comparison pages

In addition, we host the complete run of The Plate Number and all issues of Coil Line. The past three years of COIL LINE are available exclusively to members in a "Members Only" section.

PNC collecting, after more than 30 years, is still a rapidly evolving specialty area and members find the speed of access to the website invaluable in keeping up with the latest happenings.


What better way to make friends among collectors with like interests than to join this friendly group?  List your name among those desiring trading partners, and you will find fellow members with similar PNC interests eager to correspond and help you build your collection.

Among PNC3 members are some of the foremost experts in the hobby.  A willingness to share knowledge is one of the first and finest goals in this fast-paced specialty area.

You can be among the insiders in the search for the latest coil rarities or newest coil numbers and help establish the data base on which industry pricing experts depend.


The club actively promotes fellowship among members by scheduling Regional Meetings at popular stamp shows held around the country.  It gives club members a chance to meet and share the fun, joy, and knowledge of PNC collecting, as well as take time for trading to upgrade their collections.

With hundreds of PNC3 members around the country, each regional gathering is likely to attract a nucleus of club members.

The popularity of PNC collecting assures that a number of new candidates for membership will be introduced to PNC3 and the many benefits of membership.


The Annual Membership Meeting is held each year in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society StampShow in August.

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